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Yoga, Anxiety & Pain

* There are many ways anxiety disorder can impact your life. The symptoms of can affect your mind, body, and general wellbeing. Pain in the bod, is typically accompanied by many negative thoughts, panic, fear and other distressing physical symptoms. These anxious thoughts and feelings are often difficult to manage and can lower one’s quality of life.

* Despite the challenges of anxiety symptoms, and other reactions such as panic attacks there are many self-help strategies that can assist in coping with this disorder. Numerous self-care activities from the Ayurveda Science and relaxation techniques such as Yoga Nidra are available to feel more calm, peaceful, and in control. Some of the most common relaxation strategies include breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and visualization.  These techniques have been found to reduce anxiety and may even manage panic symptoms. Yoga has been known to help ease stress, reduce feelings of nervousness, and enhance mindfulness, focus and yes, happiness. For these reasons, yoga has been considered to be potentially beneficial for people with anxiety, including panic disorder.

* I have a client who fell and broke her pelvis. The fractures have healed but the pain from the traumatic shock had left the client in a very weak and fearful place, every movement of the back was a potential source of anxiety. We started slowly with breathing techniques and visualization then progressively were able to wake up the body with gentle yoga postures. After two sessions, the anxiety and the feeling of pain were almost gone and the client started to re-pattern all emotions into a positive outcome.